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Quirky Branded 2-in-1 Mug as Promo Gift by Skechers’

Skechers Coffee mug w spoon EDITPromo gifts help boost sales and here we look at a case study from the Hong Kong market.   Skechers is giving customers a branded 2-in-1 limited edition mugs as promo gift with any purchase of their shoes. Read on to find out more about this quirky promo gift!

Skechers has grown from a one-style, one-building company to one of the world’s most sought-after footwear brands. An award-winning company, Skechers is now the No. 2 footwear brand in US. To capture more market share, Skechers actively launches promotions.

This is not the first time the company offer promo gifts.
•    Branded Skechers Umbrellas were previously given out by Skechers Hong Kong as promotional giveaway to encourage application of their VIP membership card.
•    Skechers used a Branded Skechers armband to promote any purchase of regular priced Skechers from SOGO.

How would this promo gift help boost sales?
This quirky promo gift is unique and practical to the user. The 2-in-1 mug is a ceramic mug with a ceramic teaspoon that can be inserted into the handle when not in use. The mug has a very high utility value, it can be used anywhere and anytime, for any hot or cold drinks.

It is a limited edition mug offered by Skechers to their consumers. Consumers are definitely attracted to such promo gift since they are a limited edition. They would not want to lose out on such a great deal. Hence, they would quickly purchase Skechers shoes to be able to receive this promo gift. Valued at around USD$ 13, this mug is offered free and this definitely increases the promo gift’s perceived value.

This full mailer arrived at our office last week.   What is the latest mailer to arrive in your home or office?   We would love to feature more examples from around the world on the Promo Gift Blog.

Branding is crucial in helping to boost sales for your company. Skechers has taken this point into consideration and branded all their promo gift items. By branding your company logo and/or details on your promo gift to customers, it would be able to enhance brand awareness to the public. Skechers by branding their company name on the 2-in-1 ceramic mugs, they would be able to increase brand loyalty of their consumers. Users of the mugs would notice the Skechers brand very prominently whenever they drink from the mugs. Not only do the users of the mugs would see the logo, but their friends or relatives as well. When they visit them at their home, they would also be able to notice the logo. This way, it would help generate more sales for Skechers with these mugs acting as free walking advertisement.

Conor O’Donovan is the CEO of ODM Asia Ltd, a buying office that is based in Hong Kong. ODM specializes in Promotional Products and marketing, delivering high quality new promo gifts and inventions to global markets.   Do visit our company’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Tumblr.


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